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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Words from a Pastor

Pastor Jay Richardson, pastor of Summit Church in Florida, and a team of surgeons and other docs worked through the night at a hospital in Port au Prince.

Its rough. I have seen things I never wanted to see. The amount of amputations is astounding. Watching people die, hearing the screams and cries of loved ones is heartbreaking. I carried a 13 year old boy dead out of the hospital last night - it was excruciating. The smells are not good but not as bad as expected - God's protection. I can handle visuals but I don't do well with smells. Our shift last night was hard and long but we made it through. Things are starting to pick up at the hospital, but there are so many with closed fractures that desperately need care and there are just too many that have more severe fractures and wounds that are a priority. I can't imagine laying around with a compound fracture in my tibia or femur for days. I had to move a couple of these patients and their legs were literally like jelly - awful. Anyway we hope to head back to MOH soon and get some rest and then head back to the hospital. Please pray for return travel for not only us but the other teams who have been working tirelessly!

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