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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 2 - Brad Johnson

Thursday, January 14, 2010

God is good. Today we got up in Santo Domingo and went to a small airport to meet our choppers. When we arrive we were welcomed by many news agencies all trying to get to Haiti. Fox, NBC, CBS and many foreign agencies. Our Chopper was taken by the Red Cross and was working in Haiti. We worked for an hour and a half with our brother that lives in Chicago but is from the Dominican and he found us a pilot with a leer jet. Our pilot was a long haired Columbian looking fellow. He did not emit a lot of professional conduct as I have grown accustom with American Airlines but he assured me that he could get us to Haiti in 22 minutes. So with much prayer and a lot of determination we went with him. The jet could hold five. After five hours of waiting, God open the door for our jet to go. So many others including the news networks could not get a ride to Haiti, but not our God… He got us a jet to take us in.

As we let the airport in the Dominican I sat co pilot and could see the beauty of the nation. It was very peaceful. As we crossed the mountains into Haiti I could see the smoke rising from the city. When we landed it was an unreal sight. Military, cargo planes, helicopters, and news agencies. The airport was all busted up. Many broken windows, cracked walls there was only one hall way open to go out.

As we left the airport it was so good to be home… but so sad to be home. The fear in people’s eyes… Hundreds and hundreds of people walking along the streets with blank stares and their hands full of stuff, many I am sure had lost their homes and were now with out any place to go. As we continued to drive we saw many dead bodies and four and five story building that were completely flat. One hospital on the edge of PAP was completely flat. The loss of live will be unimaginable. The reports are very grim.

As I arrived at Mission of Hope all I could do was Praise God. It is entirely intact. God’s hand was on the MOH and I have to believe the prayers of so many came to fruition in one of Haiti’s darkest hours.

Now I am meeting with our team to form our plan of ministering to Haiti. It may be Haiti’s darkest hour but that only means that being Christ hands and feet will now make our light that much brighter. Thanks for your prayers they are cherished.


  1. Thank you for your updates. Haiti is constantly on our hearts and in our prayers. Has Alfred Louis been seen - is he okay? God bless you.

  2. we are praying without ceasing. i know things must be frantic but i would like to know if Wicky and Sadrach are ok. How are the children in the Hope oprhanage.

  3. As a response to above:
    All the children in the Hope House orphanage are fine. Wicky and Sadrach are fine as well and have been here helping at the clinic, interpreting for our medical staff.

    Sandy Rumford (@ MOH in Haiti)

  4. Brad,
    We have been praying for MOH and your safety, so happy to hear you are safe and back in Haiti!

    Bob Dettmer
    Ft wayne, IN

  5. Talked to Trish right after the quake and she said as far as she knew things were "mostly OK." Thank you for your daily updates. It's good to know what's happening. Have been glued to the TV, praying for all the people and their needs. Sure makes me want to jump on a plane and fly over there and help! Take care of yourself and stay healthy. Marie

  6. Hi Sandy. My name is Tiona Given. I am from Heart of God Fellowship in Missouri. We were just in Haiti in November. We are praying constantly for you guys. I have a request, if someone could possibly help. We are trying to find out information on Olkine Bien-aime, who we are sponsoring to go to university.He lives in Susmotla(sorry about the spelling)and goes to church at the mission. We have been unable to contact him, and are worried as he goes to university in the evenings in Port Au Prince. I know that Sadrach personally knows Olkine if someone could just ask him if he has seen him, or knows how he is, we would greatly appreciate it. I will keep checking back to see if anyone is able to inquire for us. Thank you, and God bless.

  7. Hello,

    Thanks for the update.
    I realize the chaos that is occuring in the your land. Please give us word on the Canadian Team from Glen Acres Baptist Church in Waterloo.
    I know you are all doing God's work, but when are they coming home.

  8. Hi. Its Tiona Given again. Just wanted to let you know we got an email from Olkine letting us know he is ok. We will continue to pray for the mission.

  9. In our thoughts and prayers.... Many of our Church have been there on missions trips in the past. I look forward to hearing the great news from this dark event.

  10. Brad: So glad to read of your arrival back at MOH. Pass along our well wishes to all members of our Canadian team who have been working so diligently through these extremely difficult circumstances. (Your rewards will be more precious than any Olympic medal!) At a joint Board and Missions meeting tonight we raised up prayers for you all, as well as making decisions for ASAP support. As well a love offering will be taken up in both services on Sunday.

  11. Brad: The following excerpt is from the Saturday Miami Herald.

    Businessman Gesner Champaigne said he has 16 trucks ready to distribute 600,000 gallons of water a day. On Thursday, the government (of Haiti) used just four trucks.

    ``We don't know who is doing what. Where is the nerve center?'' he said. ``There is a lot of confusion.'' He said the main delay was over security. It would be foolhardy for Champaigne to show up unescorted in quake-ravaged areas desperate for water.
    Perhaps you could notify the UN outpost down the road to escort more of these water trucks today. Bob H. Sauble Beach

  12. I glad to hear your and the compound are safe!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your team.

    J. E. Dean