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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Word From Brad Johnson, MOH President

January 13, 2010

Saturday I left Haiti with my family after three weeks of being at the Mission. We left the nation that God called us to. We were headed back to the US to continue to let people know of all God is doing in Haiti. Now just a few days later I am on my way to Santo Domingo to hopefully fly by helicopter over to Haiti. I was stunned as most were of the devastation that this earthquake has brought upon Haiti. My stomach churned and my heart sank as I heard reports of how many are dead. The Hotel that Vanessa loved to have coffee at and look over the capital is in ruins, the national palace is down, the place where we purchase groceries for the teams is destroyed. How will Haiti recover? There is no insurance to help rebuild, and the resources are limited. Only God knows.

As I look around there are many that are trying to get to Haiti. There is the man two seats in front of me that has not heard from his wife since the earth quake hit. There are many TV reporters with there camera crews from all over the world trying to get the big story. My concern is what’s behind that story. Soon the media will move on to the next story, but Haiti will not. It will still be in dire need.

As I arrive in Haiti tomorrow I am concerned at what I will find. Our staff at MOH has worked around the clock to help the wounded. We have had four die. I am concerned that, as the world watches many will forget to ask what if it was me, what if I did not know where my child was, what if all I had in this world was now gone. My prayer is that MOH can show the Love of Christ to the people of Haiti. I pray that we can be there when it seems that there is no Hope, be what God intended the Church to be, A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS.

Please pray for our 150 plus staff in Haiti. Many of them we have not heard from. Pray for direction that we can be the best we can be in this tragedy. If you can donate, please do so generously. We will do all we can with the resources we have. Lastly Pray for the Nation of Haiti. Ps 61 says, “…when my heart is overwhelmed, Lord lead me to the Rock that is higher than I…”


  1. We join you in prayer. We are praying for the people & the nation of Haiti. Isabelle & our family was so relieved to know that the children were safe. we will pray for the staff you have not heard from. we share your prayers & concerns that the world would stay engaged. May you experience His grace, love, and peace in the days ahead. The Redford Family

  2. We are praying here in Inwood, Iowa! Our feet are in Iowa, but our hearts are in Haiti. We send our love and prayers.

  3. We are praying here in Winter Haven, Florida.
    Our granddaughter, Hillary McBride, is working hard to help raise funds for the MOH. She drove from Nashville, Tennessee to Fort Wayne, Indiana today to speak at a church there. Our hearts ache for your losses,but we know we serve a mighty God who can do great things through His people. We are sending our love and compassion. Ralph and Joyce McBride