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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 5, Brad Johnson

Sunday, January 17, 2010
Day six and we are still seeing people that have open wounds, exposed bones, and lines of people that need surgery. I was so moved today by a mother holding her 4 year old son. His leg had a part of the wall fall on it and it had been broken for six days. I just could not image my child being in agony for six days. Our doctors put a cast on him and he should heal fine. Another lady came in and had third degree burns on her. Again for six days.

We are over 250,000 meals distributed to those in need and we are giving more and more out each day through the local churches. It is amazing to see the HaitiOne alliance come together. We are getting reports from all over of the damage and the need.

As our staff continues to come back to see us so many are now homeless. It is heart breaking to hear that all they have worked for so long is now gone. To look into a dad’s eyes and know that he can not provide one of the most essential things to his children, shelter. If you think of the task ahead, it can be quite over whelming, but you have to take a day at a time and help all the people you can.

But there is Hope.

We were able to buy fuel today! That is great news because now we can keep our trucks moving.

It was amazing to watch our team at work today. From the guys that manage our warehouse, the drivers, the visiting doctors, and those giving out the food it was a beautiful picture of people being the Hands and Feet of Jesus. Many organizations have joined together to help those in need and we are seeing people start the long road to recover. We are seeing people that realize there will be a better day.

Thanks so much for your prayers. I am not sure how many of our staff is able to do it. They get up early, exhaust all there resources during the day and then plan at night, only to drop into bed and do it all over again. I do believe that God is giving us the strength and courage to take on this task and it has so much to do with the prayers being lifted up.


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  1. Praying for supernatural strength and provision for all of you!